Saturday, March 24, 2007

Things are getting into a nice routine

Well, at least Chris and Tim think so... went to work with Chris this week, but found I was barking a little bit more than usual at people in the office whenever Chris wasn't there... Not sure what that's about.

Also not sure about the Bernal park Chris has been taking me to... I like it alright, but I'm not used to playing with other dogs, or something. Maybe I'm just a bit of a primadona... A couple of times I got a little too bossy for my own good and actually got into a bit of a tussle with another dog... who did she think she was? Bitch! Anyway, hopefully, if I can keep going to the park to play with other dogs, I'll get better.

No pictures of me this week... although we might be going to another park tomorrow, so maybe Chris will bring his camera along.

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