Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back to McLaren Park

Love McLaren Park!!

I went for a 1-hr walk this morning with Chris. This is me hunting ducks in the lake.

And this is me hunting gophers! I almost caught one!

So, after this morning, we went to some friends house for lunch and I got to tramp around and explore their backyard! THEN, we went with some other friends a Jake to the beach at Fort Funston! Yay!!!! I love the beach! And, it turns out, I CAN play ball after all! Maybe I just need another dog to play with and steal the ball from now and again! I love running at the beach, and going into the ocean to get the ball was fun, too! Of course, Chris forgot the battery for his camera at home, so there's no evidence of my ball-playing prowess! Next time!

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